Leadership Brilliance

A two-day conference that sparks leadership success


Receive eye-opening perspectives on leadership against a beautiful Rocky Mountain backdrop.


Learn what it means to be a great leader through inspiring lessons and collaboration with fellow leaders.


Develop your goals with engaging lessons, and leave with a clear plan for measurable leadership progress.

What Is Leadership Brilliance?

Learn the strategies you need to succeed as a leader.

Being a leader who truly shines is about so much more than management. Through inspiring lessons and collaboration, you will forge a clear path forward to leadership success.

You will explore personal leadership qualities, including how to…

  • Embody your values, no matter who is watching
  • Clarify your vision for yourself and those you lead
  • Know when to pivot and when to hold the line
  • Be a supportive coach to individual team members
  • Create and focus on a healthy team dynamic

Together with your instructors and fellow attendees, you will identify your strengths and opportunities for improvement. At the end of two days, you will walk away from this experience with a Personalized Growth Plan to help you reach clear, measurable goals.

Dates | Location | Investment

September 23rd & 24th, 2024

TPC Colorado | 2375 TPC PKWY, Berthoud, CO 80513

Group Rate | $6,000 (4) Tickets

Individual Tickets | $1,999

Day 1
  1. Learn about the Five Qualities of a Leader
  2. Hear and share leadership stories that you can apply to your own experiences
  3. Reflect on your values and core beliefs
  4. Enjoy evening entertainment with your fellow attendees
Day 2
  1. Conduct a self-assessment of your leadership growth opportunities
  2. Create a Personalized Growth Plan to drive real, measurable leadership development
  3. Source ideas from the leaders around you about how to execute your plan
  4. End the day supported and motivated to achieve your leadership goals
Breakfast and lunch will be provided both days by the event venue.
Vegetarian and gluten-free options are available.


Your Success Matters

So many new leaders are thrust into their positions without meaningful support. If you find yourself navigating leadership without a compass, we have built Leadership Brilliance for you.

This is not a conference to pump you up then set you right back where you were before. Our goal is to provide the guidance you need to reach the success you deserve, and the skills to help your teams and companies succeed, too.

At Leadership Brilliance, you will get deeper insights into your role as a leader and chart a practical new course to thriving at work.